What is BlueBeat?

BlueBeat is digital radio done right!

We're not satisfied with the current state of online digital radio, and it's easy to see why. Music services abound with low quality mp3 encodings and overpriced subscription fees. We won't name our "competitors", but suffice it to say that every time we see music services offer the same generic radio stations, we sit down with our expert music team and dream up new themes along the likes of 1 Hit Wonders, Chillosophy, and Bitchin' Tunes, to add to our growing collection with hundreds of choices. When we raise our eyebrows at stations who boast 128kbps mp3 audio, we're usually listening to our favorite playlists through our surround sound systems at 320 kilos per second.

With a BlueBeat account, you can:

  • Create personal playlists
  • Listen to and follow other user playlists
  • Discover music with artist and genre radio
  • Share and comment on BlueBeat content

More questions?

For detailed FAQ and toubleshooting, please visit our support page.