The Sunny Side Of The Moon
by Richard Cheese

released: 2006

Warning: Parental Advisory


Rape Me (Original Performer: Nirvana)
People = S**t (Original Performer: Slipknot)
Baby Got Back (Original Performer: Sir Mix-A-Lot)
Girls, Girls, Girls (Original Performer: Mötley Crüe)
Closer (Original Performer: Nine Inch Nails)
Bust A Move (Original Performer: Young MC)
Down With The Sickness (Original Performer: Disturbed)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Original Performer: U2)
Freak On A Leash (Original Performer: Korn)
Nookie (Original Performer: Limp Bizkit)
Another Brick In The Wall (Original Performer: Pink Floyd)
Rock The Casbah (Original Performer: The Clash)
Fight For Your Right (Original Performer: Beastie Boys)
Hot For Teacher (Original Performer: Van Halen)
Gin And Juice (Original Performer: Snoop Dogg)
Come Out And Play (Original Performer: The Offspring)
Badd (Original Performer: Ying Yang Twins)
Creep (Original Performer: Radiohead)
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