Odd Squad


The Coughee Brothaz (formerly known as the Odd Squad) is a Southern hip-hop trio consisting of Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg and Rob Quest. Their first album, Fadanuf Fa Erybody!! was released on February 1, 1994 under Rap-A-Lot Records. The album is considered by Scarface to be the label's finest release. Having been out of print for many years, Fadanuf Fa Erybody!! is heavily sought after by fans. The album can now however, be digitally purchased over iTunes music store, where a chopped and screwed version of the album is included. The group later became known as Coughee Brothaz and released the albums Waitin' Our Turn in 2007 and Fresh Brew in 2011. The album was mainly produced by Robert "Rob Quest" McQueen and Carlos "DJ Styles" Garza with additional production by Mike Dean and N.O. Joe. ... (see more)