Ryuichi Sakamoto
01/17/1952 in Tokyo, Japan


Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本 龍一, Sakamoto Ryūichi, born January 17, 1952) (Japanese pronunciation: [sakamoto ɾʲɯːit͡ɕi̥]) is a Japanese musician, composer, record producer, pianist, activist, writer, actor and dancer, based in Tokyo and New York. He began his career while a university student as a session musician, producer, and arranger in the 1970s, first gaining major success in 1978 as one third of the electronic music group Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). The band had worldwide hits such as "Computer Game / Firecracker" (1978), "Behind the Mask" (1978), and "Rydeen" (1979), playing a pioneering role in the development of the synthpop, techno and house genres. ... (see more)

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