A Skylit Drive
in Lodi, California


A Skylit Drive is an American post-hardcore band from Lodi, California. The band has released one DVD, one EP and five studio albums: Wires...and the Concept of Breathing (2008), Adelphia (2009), Identity on Fire (2011), Rise (2013) and recently, ASD (2015). The band consists of Nick Miller (lead guitar), Michael Labelle (rhythm guitar, unclean vocals), and Kyle Simmons (bass, keyboards). Original member Joey Wilson left the band in 2012, reducing the band to a five-piece. In 2014, Brian White and Cory La Quay departed from the band, and were replaced by Michael Labelle and Brandon Richter in March 2015. The band has toured internationally both as headliner and support-act. On March 18th 2017, it was announced that Jagmin left the band. ... (see more)