funk u up
mood: Funky, Uplifting, Happy
Electro Sunshine
mood: Bright, Energetic
mood: Nostalgic, Romantic, Happy
Calor De Verano
mood: Uplifting
Island Summer Scorcher
mood: Happy, Mellow, Chill
Coolin' by the Pool
mood: Happy, Chill
LateNightTales: Waxsmith
mood: Chill, Mellow, Sexy
Beach Buggy Blues
mood: Mellow, Dreamy, Nostalgic
Sequins & Uggs
mood: Happy, Nostalgic
dorm room radio
mood: Warm, Nostalgic
sugar n spice
mood: Wavy, Sexy, Uplifting
sunday mornings
mood: Uplifting, Chill
That Morning Funk
mood: Bright, Uplifting
sandy and stoned
mood: Nostalgic, Happy
r u fist pumpin yet
mood: Energetic, Uplifting
mood: Sexy, Romantic
Rocky Roads
mood: Nostalgic, Happy, Bright
Pink Lemonade
mood: Happy, Energetic
Netflix & Chilled
mood: Sexy, Mellow
mood: Romantic, Sad, Mellow
mood: Chill, Mellow
Far Out & Faded
mood: Wavy, Druggy, Chill
The Wind Down
mood: Chill, Mellow
Boots & BBQ
mood: Uplifting, Nostalgic
Bowl of Soul.
mood: Happy, Nostalgic
The Dark Forest
dj: msmith
mood: Dreamy
teenage heartache
mood: Angsty, Dreamy
Empty Bed
mood: Romantic, Sad
Pink Cloud
mood: Optimistic, Uplifting, Happy
empty cupboards
mood: Sad, Mellow
Prosecco Princess
mood: Uplifting, Mellow
neon tears
mood: Dreamy, Bright
Adrenaline Rush
mood: Energetic, Aggressive
mood: Bright, Happy
Queen Behavior
mood: Fierce, Uplifting, Energetic
mood: Happy, Uplifting
mood: Romantic, Happy
favorite sweater.
mood: Bright, Chill, Dreamy
it's whatever
mood: Angsty, Energetic, Fierce
Bedroom Eyes
mood: Romantic, Sexy
my ride or die
mood: Romantic, Happy
cinnamon n honey
mood: Warm, Mellow, Romantic
Green Tea
mood: Dreamy, Bright, Mellow
Heavy Haze
mood: Sad, Mellow, Dreamy