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"[BlueBeat on iPhone] is fantastic! About time - thank you Blue Beat. Love it, Love it, Love it! "

- Mary M.

" is just the best site ever!"

- MaximeHg via Twitter

"There's nothing like BlueBeat for variety and fidelity."

- Jack H.

"I am using JAWS, a screen reader. I find your site very accessible with headings, lists, etc."

- Scott

"Thanks, and you sure have an amazing site. I've spent time on Napster,, Pandora, and others, and no one has the streaming selection that you have. "

- Scott H

"Is there a 12-Step program to help me create 'Crates' that are less than 6 hours????"

- Celestial1 (Old School BlueBeat Addict)

"Many thanks for your response and an extremely rich sounding and pristine service. Keep up the good work. "

- Darren C., UK

"I love BlueBeat!! Amazing selection, and great quality sound...tis the best thing to happen since the earth began to cool!!"

- Lady Elaine, Monroe LA

"Thanks BlueBeat for giving me a wide choice of music which I can listen to during the day (and night). "

- Ralph, Lancashire, UK

"BlueBeat has changed my life! ...I listen to my radio station all the time, and like the Lord I declare my creation good...I feel empowered as never before! And BB has brought all this to me ABSOLUTELY FREE! Keep on keeping on, BlueBeat! Our world would never be the same without you."

- John David Baldwin

"I love bluebeat! Thank you so much for the awesome range and mix of music you offer...."

- Mary Tripp, Berkley, MA

"...what a great site! I love listening to your music from ragtime up to heavy rock!"

- Dave, UK

"Just want to...thank for wonderful variety and accessibility at the click of a mouse. Besides being a musician and a music lover, I'm also a classroom music teacher and is an invaluable tool to expose the students to everything under the sun!"

- Brian C.

"I would just like to say THANK YOU for this site, i've been searching forever and now i can now listen to great music with the best quality for online radio and it's totally free, it's like heaven"

- Damon, St.Vincent and the Grenadines

"I am an avid audiophile, and for me, the quality of sound is almost as important as the actual music I'm listening to...I am so delighted with your choices of tracks as well as the high level of performance. You have quickly become my most recommended on-line service! Thank you SO much for making my days so much more enjoyable"

- Ian Berry

"Forget iTunes, Meet"

- Santa Cruz Sentinel

"The strength of your service is your fabulous hi-quality on-screen player with links to additional data about the bands and musicians - absolutely the best format for jazz/swing listeners"

- Canuckteach, Toronto, ON

"...very cool stations, great variety, great sound quality."

- tomdeblue, Chicago, IL

"What a great service you folks have put together. This is by far the most dynamic selection of music that I have found."

- peteolson3150, Cary, NC

"Hats off to your online radio station, this is the best online radio station I have ever heard. The music is crisp and clean, it's Free! and you have alot of different music to choose from, you can count on me as a supporter for your site. I still can't get over the quality of sound and music that is played, rocks!"

- Shydell, Atlanta, GA


Beatles fans around the world celebrated 9/09/09 as the groups classic albums were re-released in newly-remastered editions. This might not seem like big news, but the Beatles catalog had previously only been available in an inferior 1987 version. While in recent years even the most obscure groups have gotten reissued, these classic albums begged for an upgrade. The most exciting part is the CD release of the original mono mixes, as a limited-edition boxed set. These mixes were done with much care and input from the band, while the more familiar stereo mixes were often rushed to market. Listen to the new remasters here on BlueBeat in the new DJ playlist The Beatles: Old Masters Remastered. It's all there (including the rare Mono Box Set), plus the most current releases by the Fab Four like Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison.

- Jeff Thornton