Opera 1900's-1920's
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

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Although opera's romantic era started to fade at the turn of the 20th century as it entered the transition to modern opera, late romantic composers like Giaccomo Puccini introduced many of today's most popular operas during this time. Puccini led the movement away from writing operas that merely showcased the performers' vocal talents and increased emphasis on dramatic elements such as acting in operas like "Tosca" and "Madame Butterfly." Operas by Puccini and Debussy generated considerable controversy and criticism upon their debuts, but these works along with late romantic operas by Dvorak, Delius and Richard Strauss, are beloved by today's opera fans. Many significant romantic-era opera composers died during the 1900s, and by the 1920s modern works like Berg's "Wozzeck," the first atonal opera, became the prominent style.

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