The Romantic Opera

by BlueBeatTimeMachine

The Romantic Opera

by BlueBeatTimeMachine

38 artists, 1777 songs

Opera went through many dramatic changes during the Romantic Era. One of the most prolific composers of this era, Guiseppe Verdi wrote 27 operas, many reflecting the growing sentiments of nationalism that characterized this period of history. Opera composers during the Romantic Era also focused on nature, the supernatural and exotic settings, particularly Richard Wagner, who incorporated these elements in operas that were based upon German myths and legends. Wagner's ambitious operas, which include his epic composition "Der Ring des Nibelungen" consisting of four separate operas, increased opera's emphasis on instrumental music and expanded the size of the orchestra. Singers placed greater emphasis on emotional performances that emphasized the story's drama, and the distinction between arias and recitatives were no longer evident.

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