Blues Of The 40's
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

41 artists, 1443 songs

In the 1940s millions of black Americans migrated from the South to northern urban regions of the U.S. to seek better jobs and housing. Surrounded by a faster pace of life in cities like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and New York, blues musicians moved away from simple, crude country-style blues and developed a livelier, sophisticated style of urban blues. Loud guitar, upright bass, harmonica and washboard bands replaced single musicians with acoustic guitars, and blues singers began to sing more about heartbreak than hardship. Artists like electric guitarist T-Bone Walker and jump blues singer/saxophonist Louis Jordan fronted big bands and redirected the course of the blues, taking it from juke joints and roadhouses to swank nightclubs and large theaters. Elements of jazz began to blend with the blues sound, and instruments like the saxophone and piano became part of the blues sound.

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