Downtempo And Trip-Hop
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

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Trip-hop originated in Bristol, England where artists like Massive Attack and Tricky crafted a heady blend of hip-hop, dub, rare groove funk and downtempo acid house in the early 1990s. Portishead, also from Bristol, popularized trip-hop in America by combining the melodrama of torch songs with edgy, experimental lo fi production. Britain's Mo' Wax label became home to many trip-hop artists during the mid '90s, including San Francisco's DJ Shadow and Japan's DJ Krush. The trip-hop genre faded during the late '90s, but instead of disappearing it morphed into downtempo, which retained the slow grooves and innovative production techniques of trip-hop but replaced its darker tone with a relaxing, chilled out vibe. Notable downtempo artists include Air, Bent and Morcheeba.