Drum N Bass And Jungle
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

93 artists, 1078 songs

The roots of drum 'n' bass stretch back to England's early '90s hardcore rave scene where DJs and producers started using sped-up funk and hip-hop breakbeats to create music. Artists like LTJ Bukem, 4Hero, Grooverider and Ed Rush produced faster beats and heavier bass lines, developing a style that became known as jungle. Goldie's "Timeless" became the first crossover jungle hit in 1995, and by the following year the term jungle was replaced by drum 'n' bass due to the music's increasing emphasis on these two elements. Drum 'n' bass soon split in multiple directions. Ed Rush, Optical and Nico were the leading forces behind techstep, which featured steady 4/4 rhythms and hard, electronic sounds, while LTJ Bukem and Omni Trio blended in elements of jazz to create a style known as intelligent drum 'n' bass. Roni Size helped popularize drum 'n' bass by collaborating with hip-hop artists.