Heavy Metal
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

30 artists, 1543 songs

As rock guitarists embraced the loud, distorted tones of the Marshall amp and the fuzz box in the late 1960s, a new style that later became known as heavy metal was born. Prototypical heavy metal bands like Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and Mountain created simple, riff-based melodies in their individual quests to become known as the loudest band on earth, while Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple drew inspiration from a wide range of styles, including the blues, folk and classical. Heavy metal bands like Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Blue Öyster Cult, Kiss and Van Halen filled arenas and released Gold- and Platinum-selling albums during the 1970s and remain huge influences on musicians who enjoy huge, powerful guitars, thundering drums, rumbling bass and screaming vocals.