Traditional And Vocal Pop 50's-70's
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

99 artists, 3484 songs

Whereas many pop vocalists were primarily fixtures of big bands during the 1930s and '40s, by the '50s vocalists like Tony Bennett, Vic Damone and Pearl Bailey followed Frank Sinatra's lead and took charge of their own musical direction as solo artists. Singers like Sinatra, Bennett and Nat King Cole represented the more traditional side of vocal pop, which emerged from jazz and focused on interpretations of standards. However, singers like Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt and Sam Cooke came from different backgrounds such as musical theater, cabaret and Gospel, and artists like Harry Belafonte, who introduced American audiences to sounds of Calypso, broadened the scope of vocal pop. These artists and newcomers like Barbra Streisand helped vocal pop retain its popularity through the '70s.

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