1950's Latin
by BlueBeatTimeMachine

9 artists, 293 songs

Thanks in part to the popularity of Desi Arnaz's Ricky Ricardo character on the "I Love Lucy" television show, America became increasingly fascinated with Latin music in the 1950s. From the Afro-Cuban rhythms of percussionist Tito Puente to the Brazilian bossa nova of guitarist Laurindo Almeida, Latin artists enjoyed considerable commercial success in America during this time. Pérez Prado's lively rhythms ignited the mambo dance craze, and pop crooners like Dean Marti n, Doris Day and Lena Horne recorded salsa-, samba- and merengue-flavored tunes. Rumored to be a New York House wife named Amy Camus who reversed her name, singer Yma Sumac capitalized on Latin music's popularity thanks to her four octave v ocal range and claim of being an Incan Princess as well as a Golden Sun Virgin.